New Profile Hover Card and more — What’s new on Hashnode?

Hello, folks! We’ve rolled out a lot of improvements this last week. I'm here to bring you all up to speed with the specifics. Following is a TL;DR list, you could also read more about them in detail, in the fold below the list.

Have a Good Friday!


  1. New Profile Hover Card with more information
  2. The In case you missed it feed
  3. Revamped Editor's Markdown Parser
  4. 'Share your Response' prompt
  5. Global Drafts Modal
  6. Automagical Link Descriptions
  7. Request Details on Questions

In Detail

New Profile Hover Card

Now you can take a quick gander at a user's profile card to know more about his/her Hashnode persona. Information is Power!

In case you missed it

We are constantly working on our feed algorithms to deliver you the best content. Going out on a vacation? Don’t worry, Hashnode will keep you updated with everything you shouldn’t miss, the next time you're here.

Editor’s Markdown Parser

We have re-written the markdown to WYSIWYG editor state conversion logic from the ground up, so as to reduce bugs, and maintenance burden on our part; and to make it easier to enhance your editor experience.

Share your Response

You write awesome answers. They deserve a wider audience. Period. Now, as soon as you write a response, you can share it with ease across all of your favourite social networks.

The Global Drafts Modal

Now you can get back to working on your drafts wherever you're on Hashnode — by clicking on your profile photo in the header.

We love links, there is so much to share every single day. But it saddens us when they don't get enough love (read: descriptions). Now, Hashnode will automatically fill in a description, when it can. Go ahead, try sharing that favourite GitHub project of yours, this broadcast can wait!

Request Details

No more shall your questions get answers which ask more questions. As an answerer, if you think a question is lacking a few details, you could just request them from the OP, using the new 'Request details' button under a question.

See you in the next broadcast with more news. Stay frosty!

Syed Fazle Rahman

I am the co-founder of Hashnode, a community for software developers. We are passionate about making a friendly and inclusive network for programmers. I frequently post about CSS, Web design and UX. Follow me to stay up-to-date with the latest web design tips.

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After seeing the title of the post, I was hovering on the profile names in my feed. I was not able to see any hover card at all. Then, I opened the article and seeing the screenshots. But, I couldn't find why. Then only, I realised that the new hover card will open only if I hover on the profile picture.

Sriraman Yes, it's working only on the profile pictures. It's should work on the names too! We're on it.

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Pleeeease let us disable or hide "in case you missed it"

Hi Brandon

Just replied to your feedback email to know more about your issue.

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Is there a way to turn off the "In case you missed it" feed?

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