Introducing Hashnode Private Messaging (Beta)

The wait is finally over… Private Messaging on Hashnode is here. 🎉

Now you can privately discuss programming things and work opportunities on Hashnode with other community members. It is still in the early stages, and we plan to add features like "Group messaging," "Better message formatting," "Auto link expansion," "Markdown support," etc. in the near future. It also comes with push notification feature. Just make sure to turn on "Desktop Notification" to be notified real-time whenever someone reaches out to you.

How to start a Private Message?

If you find an interesting person on Hashnode, simply visit their profile and click on the message icon and a new conversation thread will be created.


You can also use the message button on the hovercard to start a conversation.


Here's how a conversation looks like:


Send feedback to Hashnode

With Private Messaging, you can now send feedback to my team directly. Just shoot a message to Sandeep Panda, Milica or me. We are super active! 😇

We can't wait to hear your feedback. Have a great day ahead.

Syed Fazle Rahman

I am the co-founder of Hashnode, a community for software developers. We are passionate about making a friendly and inclusive network for programmers. I frequently post about CSS, Web design and UX. Follow me to stay up-to-date with the latest web design tips.

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Hashnoders this morning 😀


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Christmas came early this year!

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One more (✔️) in feature list. Kudos to Hashnode Team.

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Looks really good. It's a must have!! You guys rock

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After two years wait is over.

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