Best Hashnode Answers: December 2018 (Week 4)

Hi all, I hope you guys have planned your new year getaways and are looking forward to it. :) If not, go ahead and plan one. Everybody deserves one!

Every week, I get the opportunity to review the past week and pick the best answers for our amazing programming community. Here are the links to the previous three:

Q: What is the weirdest advice you have received from other developers or techies in general?

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"Here's one situation with one of the senior colleagues with whom I worked; Me: Hey, we should introduce Redis (InMemory Cache) in our backend. There are lot of redundant DB hits happening, we can cache several API responses…" Read full answer
Answer by Vishwa Bhat

Q: Which skills do senior devs have that mediors don't? Also, which skills do team leaders need to have?

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"Writing code faster or solving a problem faster doesn't always make you a senior engineer or team leader. I don't think senior engineers and team leader are same…" Read full answer
Answer by Gijo Varghese

"My boss (who has oversight across a large number of teams) uses a great measure: seniority is about the scope and effectiveness of your influence…" Read full answer
Answer by Ben Buchanan (200ok)

Q: Hashnode vs StackOverflow?

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"Oh dear, there are a lot of differences between StackOverflow and Hashnode. Here are a few of them: Hashnode is beginner friendly and SO is not. Try asking "What is JavaScript?" on SO and you'll understand what I am saying…" Read full answer
Answer by Joy Dasgupta

"In a general way, Stack individual believes in a logic of total competition, rather than a logic of collaboration. In the logic of competition, the identification of the opponent is fundamental for him…" Read full answer
Answer by Gustavo Benedito Costa

Q: How many of you started your career by joining a start-up? Share experience 🙌

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"My startup journey started from the college itself. It's been amazing so far! Startups that I've founded…" Read full answer
Answer by Gijo Varghese

"I joined a startup when I decided to make a career switch. With the background in teaching English, I moved to the position of a technical editor and a content marketer…" Read full answer
Answer by Milica Maksimović

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"Only functions that are constructors should be identified with an initial capital letter, not regular functions…" Read full answer
Answer by me 😉 Syed Fazle Rahman

Q: What are some recommendations to start writing documentation?

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"Let me start that documentation varies based on the type of the project, the kind of documentation, targeted audience. For example, we have two kinds of documentation - internal, which is targeted for developers…" Read full answer
Answer by Kleo Petrov

Q: What libraries / modules should I use and learn to become node.js developer in 2019?

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"Before you use external libraries I highly recommend learning built-in libraries and functionalities. For e.g.: Try building an HTTP server without 'express', using the inbuilt HTTP module…" Read full answer
Answer by Gijo Varghese

Q: What are some of the must read tutorials of JavaScript?

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"If Javascript is all you have in your programming background, you'll tend to catch up with bad practices. Nevertheless, to get started, I would recommend going on in this order…" Read full answer
Answer by Abhishek Pathak

Q: Should I quit my job and learn new language?

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"I'd say try to just find another job, period. Preferably one where you're using the new stack you want to learn, or at least where they're open to letting you learn it and try it out…" Read full answer
Answer by Matthew Cory

Q: What programming languages are you learning?

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"Rust! I'm building a CLI + code generator for GraphQL. I have a POC working in TypeScript but never had the intention of keeping it in TS. I'm currently going through "The Book" learning all that I can about it…" Read full answer
Answer by Clayton Ray

That's it for this week. I wish you a happy prosperous and successful new year ahead.

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