Best Hashnode Answers: December 2018 (Week 3)

I am back with the 3rd article from the series. Here are the links to the previous two:

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Marco Alka writes his 1000th answer on Hashnode this week. 🎉🤯 He joined Hashnode on April 12, 2016, and has been a very helpful community member ever since.

Marco, everyone from the Hashnode team is thankful to you for your contributions. We love reading your content, feedback and bug 🐛 reports. Keep them coming! 🙂

We are looking forward to reading your 10,000th answer on Hashnode! 🍺

Q: Which note-taking app/website do you use to keep notes on all that you are developing?

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"I'll admit I also use my notebook very heavily, but usually only for personal notes.

When I write my notes for a specific task, I'll use the computer. Also, there is a possibility that I have to share those documents with my co-workers. In that case, I always use Emacs with org-mode…" Read full answer
by cedric simon

"… I started using OneNote - and it's perfect for categorizing 'bookshelves' of information, and even securing pages. I felt that this was the best option since nothing seems to be hindered by a paywall (like Evernote, for example) - plus OneDrive (5gb) and pretty much a free suite of Office comes with it, too…" Read full answer
by Steven Ventimiglia

"I use Boostnote and sync it with Dropbox so I can use it across any device that supports it (Win/Mac/Linux). I'm currently building a PWA version of the app so I can also edit on my phone…" Read full answer
by Ryosuke

Q: What programming languages are you learning?

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"…Rust, definitely! It's one safe language with many interesting concepts and a quickly growing ecosystem, so it doesn't get boring…" Read full answer
by Marco Alka

"Rust + Flutter / Dart. Using single core for multiple platforms (iOS, Android, Web/WASM), flutter for the UI and rust for the logic…" Read full answer
by Hasan Yousef

"I'm mainly focused on learning Rust right now. Next on the list is Haskell, but it'll be some months before I have time for that, I think…" Read full answer
by Mark

Q: What is your VSCode theme?

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VS Code theme

"Very fond of Ayu Dark as it comes with Beautiful UI and especially Material Ocean High Contrast which I am using now. Depends on the screen since I change displays often for work, leisure, travel,…" Read full answer
by Aaron Artille

Q: What is the weirdest advice you have received from other developers or techies in general?

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"I was asked to rewrite a portal in bootstrap instead of PHP. IN not WITH .... yes .... one of those moments :) ..." Read full answer
by j

"…Me: Hey, we should introduce Redis (InMemory Cache) in our backend. There are lot of redundant DB hits happening, we can cache several API responses…" Read full answer
by Vishwa Bhat

"Not advice but I was once interviewed by a CTO that thought React was the bestest thing in the whole world and way better than anything else because...... it had state and props! which he stated with much glee on his face!!! while I sat there a bit puzzled!?…" Read full answer
by Jake

Q: Which Linux distro is best for developers?

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"This might be unpopular among the people attracted to this question, but my recommendation is to pick one that is easy and popular. It's really easy to slowly get dragged…" Read full answer
by Mark

"It depends on the job and on the necessities of the developer. Non-Ubuntu-derived. Arch Linux = it is a server, but it is not an easy distribution, it is suited for advanced users. As it is completed because of AUR, you configure easily and quickly C++, PHP and Python…" Read full answer
by Gustavo Benedito Costa

[Advice] I've been programming for a while with no clear direction.

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"Being on hashnode is a good start bud! There is a theory that one should have 1/3 1/3 and 1/3 in ones life. 1/3 of people who you can see as mentors, 1/3 who are on the same level as you and a final 1/3 who are below you and can mentor…" Read full answer
by Hipkiss

"My friend, that is some real content. I know what it's like to be seen as the master h4x0r when writing a basic existence check in vanilla JS, making stuff happen on a screen, blowing in a cartridge or locating a printer's power button…" Read full answer
by Aaron Artille

Q: Best JavaScript books for beginners

"There is a common saying “It’s Better Late Than Never”. If you have not got a chance to learn pure JavaScript yet and jumped directly into jQuery or other frameworks, you might want to gain some basic knowledge on JavaScript…" Read full answer
by Manvika Sharma

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"Passwordless Authentication: I suppose this perhaps is not exactly Web design, but it is a huge part of UX, and I can see this becoming a more prevalent consideration in 2019…" Read full answer
by Aaron Artille

Q: Which parts of ES6/7 do you like and which parts do you dislike, and why?

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"Basis of Hatred: Any point or "feature" I mention here has made this list (or rather, got the Golden Raspberry Award) because of either of these things: give a false impression;" Read full answer
by Shreyansh Pandey

Q: Is Rust lang IoT ready?

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"Well the compile targets do exist. I am currently working on an IoT project in Rust where we build a sort of electric smart grid for cars. I build the server infrastructure since I am specialized in distributed architecture so…" Read full answer
by j

Q: I am new to ReactJS. Can anyone tell me what are the steps to run a simple program?

"This answer assumes you to know HTML, CSS and JS, atleast basics. On your command line, with npm already installed on your system…" Read full answer
by Vishwa Bhat

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