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Q: How to recover from coding burn-out?


Answer by Kleo Petrov

Work-life balance
It may sound easy, but finding the right balance is something that takes time and dedication to achieve. If we manage to treat our work as everything else and find more time for other activities and hobbies, burnout wouldn't be a problem anymore… Read full answer

Answer by Jan Vladimir Mostert

Severe burn-out could also just be depression, the symptoms are very similar. What is depression? Depression is a complex phenomenon involving both internal mechanisms and external influences… Read full answer


Answer by Gijo Varghese

A daily Ubuntu user here (switched from Windows) I've been a big fan of Ubuntu since 2008. I constantly switch between Windows and Ubuntu. After 10 years, looking back I see that Windows and MacOS have… Read full answer

Q: What techniques or tools do you use to keep track of your short and long term goals?

Answer by Steven Ventimiglia

JIRA server ($10/yr). VPS ($7.99/mo). I set up Projects for illustrations, to screenwriting, to development, to servers, to workshops, and everything in-between. It's how I've taught myself Agile methodology… Read full answer

Q: Do you follow any style guides in Git commit messages?

Answer by j

that's from my style guide for my team

#<Main-Ticketnr> general description as headline #<other-ticket-references>
- in short commits
- this is optional
- but if more things changed
- we should list them explicit so we 
- can actually see what the intention was

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Q: Who or What inspired you to do programming?

Answer by Todd

I'm not quite sure exactly what originally inspired me to pick up C++, PHP, and Python books as a kid but I suspect it was just the desire to learn how the computer worked and how to control it… Read full answer

Q: In order to level up what should a beginner web developer learn after getting the basics of JavaScript?

Answer by PhiGuy

JavaScript Promises - This is how you deal with asynchronous calls to API's which you will do at some point and time in your career, there is no avoiding this. Learn promises and everything there is about them. Think about these in your sleep… Read full answer

Q: If you can't afford to write tests, what's the next best thing to do?

Answer by Mark

The best alternative to tests is hoping that you're not going to be working on this anymore in 5 years, I guess.

  • Code reviews.
  • Maybe a linter can catch some of the easier bugs.
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Q: When to use Redis over MongoDB?


Answer by Paweł Świątkowski

First difference: Redis is a key-value store, while MongoDB is a document store. I think naming pretty much cuts it, but to give more details - Redis is better suited for storing simple values while MongoDB should store whole documents (structures with many fields)… Read full answer

Q: How do you handle errors in Node.js server code?

Answer by Vishwa Bhat

It is partially correct. Errors should be handled in the controller layer so that you don't send weird content in the API response. This doesn't necessarily mean you shouldn't handle errors in the Service or any other layer… Read full answer

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