Best answers of the week: January 2019 (Week 2)

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I am eagerly waiting to write this article every week. Mainly because I have to play around with insightful Hashnode stats and dig up the best answers for you. Here are this week's top answers:
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What is the story behind Hashnode?

My co-founder Fazle and I are friends for more than 8 years now. In 2013 we graduated from our CS100 program and joined different companies. But we reunited in 2014 and started discussing how we could make some real value addition to the programming community… Read full answer

by Sandeep Panda

How to recover from coding burn-out?

Work-life balance
It may sound easy, but finding the right balance is something that took time and dedication to achieve. If we manage to treat our work as everything else and find more time for other activities and hobbies, burnout wouldn't be a problem anymore… Read full answer

by Kleo Petrov

Thoughts on GitHub's free unlimited private repositories

A lot of personal projects from BitBucket and GitLab are going to migrate to GitHub! But in my company, we're sticking with GitLab.
Since GitHub only provides free private repos to individuals, not organisations (also the 'max 3 contributors')… Read full answer

by Gijo Varghese

I already did this move yesterday. I was using GitLab just for private repos, max 2 devs each. Was an easy move for me.
As a platform, I am more a GitHub fan user. Like it or not, the community is all there, this is my de facto public portfolio, makes all sense for me… Read full answer

Ygor Lazaro

What do you do when you have no work at the office?

Rarely happens!

  • Check Hashnode
  • Answer questions in StackOverflow
  • - Some good articles related to tech and development
  • Twitter - I've followed a lot of good developers there, they share useful stuff
  • Read full answer

by Gijo Varghese

How does async and await work in Python?

This applies to Python (although it uses pseudocode), but it's similar in most languages.
Yes, it's a way for the thread to not sit idle while waiting for something (usually IO like files, database or network)… Read full answer

by Mark

Teach Comp-sci sophomores about REST API designing in any programming language

Definitely NodeJS, and Express, as mentioned by Tonny Hideyori. I would go a bit further to say that this is a good starting point, due to the lack of barrier to entry for writing simple queries and understanding the basics of writing a REST API… Read full answer

by PhiGuy

Developers react to TechCrunch's article "AWS launches DocumentDB and gives open source the middle finger"

First, Although from the retaliation stand point, people shouldn't be using it but any company would prefer to keep one cloud service for their whole stack unless there are specific features which are available on Atlas but not on DocumentDB… Read full answer

by Vishwa Bhat

I do feel Amazon should have open-sourced this kind of technology. At work, we have hit the problems with MongoDB which many people face:

  1. Huge number of concurrent writes/reads
  2. Re-sharding as data continues to expand rapidly… Read full answer

by Sidhant Panda

Do you suffer from eyes problems when you work many hours in front of a computer?

Yes. I think almost everyone. Usually I reduce the brightness of the monitor + change the preset to "warm" in the Monitor to avoid the "blue" light which is the real culprit. Nowadays you get Night Mode feature in both macOS and Windows which is kind of a substitute for preset change… Read full answer

by Vishwa Bhat

Which framework would be better to build an Airbnb-like web app, Node.js or Ruby on Rails?

Both are really good, mature, battle-tested.
They've their own pros and cons.
If I were you I'll choose NodeJS, because it'll enhance my JS knowledge so that it will help me while developing for front-end! Also, it's easy to hire JS engineers… Read full answer

by Gijo Varghese

Does EmberJS also use Virtual DOM?

EmberJS uses a rendering engine called Glimmer. It's an attempt from Ember's developers to recreate React Virtual DOM without any break changes.
Glimmer differentiates between static and dynamic components, thus reducing the number of elements that need to be checked when looking for changes. Read full answer

by Kleo Petrov

How to I develop dropdown without breaking platform native behaviour?

You can 100% style the <select> element in HTML, what you can't (and shouldn't) style are the <option> elements inside. Some browsers will let you apply some styles to <option> elements, but since this isn't consistent, if you try to style them all you can be sure is that they will look broken in most browsers… Read full answer

by Tommy Hodgins

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